10 Reasons Why You Need Powerful Web Copy

by Christina Walker

Is your business website not getting the traffic, leads, and sales you need? The problem  may be poor web copy.

To really make the most of your website, powerful web copy is crucial–for these 10 reasons.

Powerful website copy helps your customers find your website.

If your prospects can’t find your website in a basic search, your business may as well not exist. Most purchases start with research online. How can prospects choose you if they can’t even find you?

Great webpage copy is properly optimized for search engines, so your ideal customers can actually find you when they research online.

Effective web copy attracts more traffic.

Another benefit of properly optimized copy is that it improves how search engines rank your website. The better your web copy, the higher you rank and the more traffic you’ll get.

This is especially true for bigger sites that constantly add new great content. Search engines love fresh content (meaning you’ll rank even better), and more pages or blog posts on your site equals more opportunities to show up in search results.

Bonus: Really great web content, especially when written by a professional, is designed with your ideal customer in mind, so not only do you get more traffic, but more targeted traffic.

Good website copy keeps visitors on your site longer.

Well-written web content uses the perfect mix of search engine optimization (SEO) and reader-oriented copy. This means all that natural traffic it attracts tends to stick around longer and browse your website.

More targeted eyeballs looking at more pages on your website for longer means more opportunities to win their trust and get them to subscribe or buy.

Poor web content sends prospects running.

Language that is too self-promotional, incorrect, or full of fluff will hurt your bottom line, because no one wants to listen to you brag about your company or struggle through crappy content.

Consider the last time you found a website that looked fine, or even great, but its writing was terrible. What did you do?

I’d bet you promptly hit the Back button. And that’s exactly what visitors to your site will do if you don’t have great webpage copy.

Persuasive web copy encourages more leads, sales, and conversions.

That’s because the best web copywriters use compelling content, effective calls to action, and well-planned sales funnels to guide prospects to the next stage of the buying cycle.

By understanding your ideal customers, your web copywriter can produce the kind of content that speaks directly to them. It’s more persuasive and targeted specifically to them.

As a result, visitors are more likely to download your offer, subscribe to your mailing list, request more information, or buy from you.

Strong website copy supports a better brand impression.

Branding is the most important step when you create a business website, but branding includes copy as well as colors and logos and design. The last thing you want is for poorly written content to destroy the image you worked hard to create.

Poor content reflects badly on your brand. Great copy makes your brand seem even more amazing. Simple as that.

Expert web copy minimizes confusion.

How many times have you visited a site that had you confused about what they did or where to find what you needed? That always frustrates me, and I’m sure it frustrates you and your prospects, too.

When paired with good design and clean navigation, great website content helps visitors find what they’re looking for. Once they know you’re a reliable resource, they’ll be more likely to return to your website next time.

Over time, they’ll come to know, like, and trust you. Eventually that trust leads to conversion.

Compelling website content engages readers and draws them in.

Think of the last website you browsed for hours, or the last blog you subscribed to. Why did you keep reading? Why did you give away your email address?

The answer: because the content was compelling.

It was such a great story or so hilarious, controversial, epic, remarkable, or incredibly useful that you wanted more. You couldn’t help but click through to a related post or subscribe for updates.

That’s what the best web copy does. It effortlessly draws your visitors deeper into the site, to the bottom of each article and on to the next one. And the more pages they see, the more opportunities you have to help them get to know, like, and trust you.

And what happens when visitors trust you? They convert (a.k.a. more leads and sales).

Masterful web copywriting is an investment.

So many businesses and webmasters are willing to pay a lot of money for a unique, powerful website design, but they cringe at the thought of paying for unique, powerful website copy.

The thing is, quality web copywriting is the workhorse of every website. Great copy is crafted to convert over and over again, and uses the perfect mix of optimization and advertising, so it keeps attracting new traffic and converting visitors to leads.

You pay for it once, and it keeps working well and for a long time: the very definition of a wise investment.

Great web copy tells the world what you’re all about quickly and in the right way.

Studies show that your website has only a few seconds to convey your message and convince visitors to stay. In those precious few seconds, you have to tell visitors three important things:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • why they should care

Once they know these things, prospects will stay on your site longer, find what they’re looking for, and get to know your business.

Great web content conveys these points quickly and in a way that invites visitors to have a look around your site, especially when combined with great design.

Convinced your website needs more powerful copy? Ask me how my web copywriting services can help!

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